Saturday, March 10, 2007

Last post

Ni sa bula vinaka to all fellow Fiji bloggers, readers and fellow bloggers in Australia and New Zealand, America and worldwide who've linked back to my humble blog over the last year. I'm honoured that you saw fit to acknowledge my little musings and link back, so vinaka vakalevu (thank you).

This is a farewell post as I've decided to stop blogging and to delete the blog. To all those who've linked back, commented, read this blog throughout and emailed me to give their thoughts and support and offers of assistance, thank you so much and vinaka vakalevu, it all helped to improve the blog. To friends who've been unstinting in their support, a huge debt of thanks, its been fun.

I don't want to indirectly cause harm or fear in fellow bloggers so deleting the blog ensures that you won't be accused of supporting any perceived 'incitement' from this blog.

I also want to make clear that all the thoughts and postings on this blog were mine alone and not necessarily supported by blogs I link to. Further, I apologise to any fellow blogger whom I may have hurt or harmed, that was not my intention and the apology is unreserved.

I have received no communication from anyone to stop blogging or to delete the blog - the decision is mine alone. At this time in Fiji, the climate is not right to continue blogging and I want no one harmed on account of this blog.

Farewell, Ni sa moce and keep well,

Vakaivosavosa blog author


Lady Marmalade said...

Hey what happened???? I hope you are fine Ms Vakaivosavosa, yeah it is funny how people can expand the meaning of the word 'incite'!!! But hey, if they can call a 'Coup' a 'clean up'....they could probably re-do the whole dictionary. what would they call it i wonder? Militionary?

Take care

Lady M

Anonymous said...

I will miss your interesting take on events on Fiji. Good luck with your endeavours.

Pandabonium said...

Sorry to see this happen. Best wishes.